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I'm not good at drawing, but I wrote the lyrics as if I was writing a picture book. I'm happy when the picture comes to mind. Actually, I composed this song when my older sister's guinea pig passed away, and I put my thoughts into some of the lyrics.

[About the jacket] I showed the lyrics to my daughter, told her the image, and asked her to draw while listening to the song. She casually drew a guinea pig on the angel's clothes.

/ Vocals&Piano: Miho Teruya

/ Recording & Mix: Yuki Mizutani (Craques11) / Jacket design: Takashi Suzuki (Craques11) / Jacket picture: Chihiro

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  • Miho Teruya

    Singer-songwriter. She is from Tokyo. Jake Shimabukuro, who was in charge of the music for the movie "Hula Girl", fell in love with Miho Teruya's voice, and she was in charge of the singing and lyrics of the Japanese version of the theme song "Hula Girl ~Niji wo~". Since then, it has been used in shows at Spa Resort Hawaiians. In addition, NHK animation "Saiunkoku Monogatari" 2nd series ending "Ashita e", Chii walk, Kyushu economy NOW, Takara Leben CM, JAL in-flight video, P&G "Lenor Happiness" sound logo singing, Hula Girls Koshien 2015 In charge of official songs, etc. In 2018, she released her first 3rd album "Kono Michi", which mainly covers her children's songs. She used to perform with hula more often than before, but she started hula herself from 2021, trying to understand more hula and Hawaiian and at the same time broaden her range of expression. <<<Profile Details>>> In 2006, Jake Shimabukuro, who was in charge of music for the movie "Hula Girl", fell in love with Miho Teruya's voice, and sang and wrote the Japanese version of the theme song "Hula Girl ~Niji wo~". Released her debut album featuring musicians at the pinnacle of her acoustic sound. After the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, "Hula Girl ~Niji wo~" became a reconstruction song, and since her mother's hometown is Miyagi Prefecture, she has performed repeatedly in the disaster areas with which she has a connection. In June 2012, after the earthquake, she released a single with "Hydrangea" from her own label, which was made with prayers for her recovery. (End of sale) In 2014, when her eldest daughter was born, the nursery rhymes she had been working on for a long time became a familiar thing to sing in her daily life, and she began to put more effort into it. In September 2015, she released her first album in 9 years, "My Life", based on her various experiences such as her performance activities after the Great East Japan Earthquake. In addition to "Hydrangea", "Hula Girl ~Niji wo~", Hula Girls Koshien 2015 official song "Utae Odorewarae", Japanese Hawaiian and Okinawan folk songs are also included. In 2018, through her childcare, she realized the wonder of her nursery rhymes again, and she produced her first nursery rhyme cover 3rd album "Kono Michi". release. (Distribution and nationwide sales will start in July 2022.)

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