Lost and Born

  1. Run After Run
  2. Night Butterfly
  3. Call My Name
  4. Our Future
  5. Dance At Dawn
  6. Twinkling, Twinkling (feat. BiBi)
  7. Endless Waltz
  8. Moon and Music (2018 Remix)

Lost and Born/Musicolune

All songs composed and arranged by eric
additional arrangement by Musicolune

Kurumi Suichi(violin)
Mariko Idei(violin)
Hikari Shimada(violin)
Takeshi Koenuma(guitar)
Tetsuya Nakamura(percussion)



The band started in 2007. All song is composed by eric.It has beautiful melody and unique harmony. Musicolune's originality is mixture sound of electronic and acoustic. And we plays at music festival all over Japan.

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