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Sousou nostalgia

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With the theme of "nostalgic", this third mini album is a collection of various thoughts and feelings played with various sound approaches.

As a new approach to Tazawa's solo work, he invited Keiichi Miyako (Rayflower) to co-produce this album and invited guest players on guitar and percussion to complete this latest album.

Takayuki Tazawa wrote the lyrics and composed all the songs, including a song with floating feeling, sad love stories, and popular songs that have been performed live.

Track List
01. #12
02. Canary (Canaria)
03. red big moon night (Akai ookina tsuki no yoru)
04. beyond love (Koi no katana ni)
05. wave rider (Wave rider)

All songs written & produced by Takayuki Tazawa

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