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The multi-talented idol Beni Usakura, who has continued to expand her activities through her work with Avandoned (ex. Avandoned) and CHILDISH TONES feat Beni Usakura.

Sound production is by music creator Emiri Kanou. All songs are co-produced by Emily Kanou and trackmaker Inu Machine, and are filled with their ideas and taste. All lyrics and artwork were written by Beni Usakura.

The overall atmosphere of the album is urban, and the songs are distinctly different from existing idol pop music, with trap, funk, dream pop, and other different genres, making the album a colorful work of art. Songs previously released as singles were remastered as album versions, and "passion (Remix)" was sung by Emiri Kanou as Feat.

While following trends, the album was produced as a counter to the times, and is a mini-album filled with the thoughts of Beni Usakura, Emiri Kanou, and Inu Machine.

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iTunes Store • J-Pop TOP ALBUMS • United States • TOP 10 • 18 Apr 2024

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  • usabeni

    Born in 1998 in Japan, she was an early member of the idol group "avandoned" from the age of 15, and is now actively involved in self-directed solo idol/artist activities starting in 2022. She produces all of her own artwork. She has also established a local little store in Kobe, NARUHESON;S, and regularly releases apparel and zines. In addition, he has been involved in a wide range of other creative activities, including graphic design, choreography, and music video production.Creative solo idol/artist for the new era.

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