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SPiN, who released his debut song "S.A.L.A.N" on November 9, 2022 (Wednesday),
Digital Single will be released for 2 consecutive months from February 2023.

The first release is SPiN's first winter ballad song "Powder Snow"

The lyrics and composition of this work were produced by Giz'Mo (from Jam9), who produced their debut song.
Giz'Mo (from Jam9) has worked on songs for AAA, E-girls, King & Prince, 2PM, KARA, and others.

"Powder Snow"
Depicts "a woman who can't take another step in love".
The lyrics overlap with the scenery of winter, as you struggle with the gaps in yourself and face your true feelings.

Artist Profile

  • SPiN

    A global girls dance & vocal group formed by members who survived the revolutionary audition "SSS PROJECT" for Generation Z held in 2022. The group name "SPiN" (spin) was named by combining the initials of below each word. Symbol of the times Pioneering the times Inbound (people from all over the world are interested) Spin (connection between people/vortex of the times) It has the meaning that members who pursued the dream together in "SSS PROJECT" will become one, aim for the symbol of the times and be the top of the world. "S.A.L.A.N" is a SPiN's debut song, with a strong desire to "create a new era." The chorus part "sarangsarang" expresses a state that "sways in the wind" and contains a desire that "We want to show you that have leeway unlike newcomers."

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