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Blue KISS in Memory (OMSA-006)

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The Singer and Idol Myun & Yayo are a DUO and one of the oldest artists, it is called "The Idol of Closest to Heaven!" because they are 126 years old in total.
Myun & Yayo released New Album Songs themes are the color of Summer, the taste of the 80's, and refresh. The first song is "Blue KISS in Memory", the SUN makes sense of dynamism for Lovers.
One other coupling song is "Blue Summer", you can feel the imagination of Lovers on the Beach with Blue Ocean under the Blue Sky

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Blue KISS in Memory

iTunes Store • Kayokyoku TOP ALBUMS • Japan • TOP 3 • 12 May 2024

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  • myun & yayo

    myun & yayo are a duo of sing performing artists and Idol from Japan. We are performed the popular songs of 70's and 80's on the live stages with "SHOWA era concept" which are great harmony, charming choreography and costume. "Doesn't matter for ages!" we are giving energy for everyone!

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