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Crying for You

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  • Nora Hertz

    I am Nora Hertz, a violinist and sound creator. I love rock, Spanish music, and film scores, and have been particularly influenced by The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Queen, Radiohead, Vicente Amigo, Ennio Morricone, and Susumu Hirasawa. Since 2019, I have been performing as a backing musician for belly dance shows in Tokyo and Kanagawa, while also starting to work on creating ambient music. I have produced over 250 tracks available on Apple Music and Spotify. Currently, I am pursuing my solo project under the name Nora Hertz, aiming to express the world I love through my music. There is always some sadness in people's hearts, but I have met people who keep moving forward despite carrying that sadness. I was deeply moved by their strength and wanted to express it through my music. I strive to capture a world seen beyond anxiety and loneliness, expressing it with a nostalgic and fantastical sound.

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