Maybe the firstのジャケット写真


Things in your head


If I give up singing

You give me your love enough and to spare?

If I shout with glee

Maybe you’ll tell me the way give me scare

Make up your mind to bear my selfish consciousness that something is getting better

I won’t care what you’ll say

When I lose this unpredictable game

But I hate to lose

Bring me to your knees Oh baby please

If you can do that

It is certain that I will bring you to my knees

As you think

I may be mad


Whenever you tell me about your plans for happy future

I get irritated

Two packs of cigarette, So exciting masturbation, And so on

Things in your head

There’s nothing about me

And I love you so

Luck is infrequency

Looks like emergency

I’ve just hidden your key

So cast around

There’s nothing about me


Can I be so cold, as you can be?

There’s nothing about me

Still I feel so mad

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Maybe the firstのジャケット写真

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