Dreaming About You

  1. Dreaming about you
  2. You don't know about me
  3. I'm gonna love you
  4. Lost August

Ai Takeda, is a singer song writer influenced by Jazz, Blues. Since she started her career, she've continued to sing her original songs at jazz club. Her songs are based on jazz, and she changed into her original style that is simple, nostalgic, and chic.
As she was inspired by Sam Smith's ballad, she wrote a simple and beautiful ballad "Dreaming about you" that is the most familiar and modern ballad song by her.
Other songs, "You don't know about me" is a song about female's solitude. "I'm gonna love you" is a hawaiian happy blues! And she wrote "Lost August" for her old lover, that is about a drama of love triangle.
She just released the full album "BLOOMIN'" of jazz ballad collection in 2019, and she says, "Jazz tells me the bitter and sweet of life." Her nostalgic, dramatic songs come from her close relationship with various lyric world.

Ai Takeda

Ai Takeda, is a singer-songwriter. She debuted and acted as a jazz singer at "Montrey Jazz Festival in Noto(Ishikawa)". And she released a jazz ballad album 'BLOOMIN'' in 2018. Now, she performs her original songs at a jazz club, and she continues to compose.

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