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Friends heading to heaven during the 2020 Covid-19 disaster.
Farewell to such friends was different from before, and there was a sadness I had never experienced before.
The voices of my memorable friends. You can't hear it in this real world anymore, but it's always kind to you in your heart.
Those people are living in my heart all the time.
Their smiles and thoughts remain in my heart.
Unless I forget, they're living together forever.
It is a tremendous treasure for life to find out.
It's a song made by looking at the madder red sky that those people liked.
The MV will be a magnificent video that connects the words "Madder" with more than 100 friends such as Takehara Pistol, and will be a noteworthy music video.

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iTunes Store • Folk TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 2 • 11 May 2021 Apple Music • Folk Top Songs • Japan • TOP 111 • 15 May 2021

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  • Jun Lenon

    Jun Lenon Profile Vibes cultivated through Fes in France and Germany, and street live in England. Singer-songwriter and Vo.G of the rock band "Lennons". In 2019, he will release his 1st ALBUM, "Quark". Single "Akane" to be released in 2021 The movie is scheduled to be released on April 15, 2022. Elder Phoenix". Inspired song "universe" will be released.

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