Tabi to Bowshi

  1. Daijina koto ha jibun ja kimerarenai
  2. Oishii gohan wo arigato
  3. Washi no basho
  4. Song for living
  5. Smell of Peace
  6. Sky and Ground
  7. Where the waves were born
  8. My Road
  9. Taking a bath song
  10. Goodbye see you again
  11. The theme of Anponman
  12. Lion runs on the High Way at dawn
  13. Peacock
  14. The jumbo ferry connecting the two

Even small things in everyday life can go on a journey.
I would like to ask the guide of the trip of the heart.
It's a super best album selected by Kaoru Mori the wonderer singer, an early work.
2nd "Ampon Man ga yattekuru!"
3rd "Ikiru tame no Uta"
4th "Tonnel wo aruite yukou"
5th "Sora to Jimen"
Mainly composed of songs from.
As a bonus track
Also included in the omnibus album "CLUB MAS COMMUNICATIONS" and the phantom first live album "This is Ampon Music!"
A gem sound created with the support of musicians around the world.

Past Rank In

Tabi to Bowshi

Apple Music/ロック トップアルバム/韓国/98位/2020年10月24日 iTunes Store/ロック トップアルバム/日本/180位/2020年5月15日

Kaoru Mori

Dela(very)Happy♡singer singing and walking around Japan. A former local CM director and CM songmaker who has been hitting commercial songs in the Tokai region for 20 years. Despite having hit a number of commercial songs including Kondo Sanko, he suddenly went on a journey at the age of 50 and started singing himself. Nine consecutive years, 200 live nationwide, now 350 days a year, keep crying and laughing all over Japan. It is a guitar playing style, but seeks to expand the world of groove and voice. A wrinkled deep voice that soaks in. In the live performances centered on the nostalgic new "Uta", the voices of "I got fine" and "I laughed and cried from my heart" are unending. Main works Hutari wo musubu Jumboferry Shin Boku wa maguma

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