Voice & Guitar

  1. Nada Mais (Lately)
  2. Emoldurada
  3. Influence of Jazz
  4. Minha Vida (In my life)
  5. My Cherie Amour
  6. Folhas Secas
  7. Anos Dourados
  8. Moon River
  9. Superstar

April 30, 2019 Recording by DSD method & DSD mastering

We made a recording as the memory
that received the title of the invited professor of Aichi Sangyo University

Yuki Imai: vocal (voices) and Yasuhiro Tai : guitar (acoustic guitar) only

It consists of the music selection is more than usual for Bossanova but also for pop tunes and movie music
It is a work that pursues simple and thrilling elements unique to DUO.


Based in Kansai, active in live and concerts, recordings and schools. '98 Brazil music unit 'YUKI BRASIL PROJECT' formed. 2004 Red Brick Summer Jazz in Maizuru Excellence Award. In 2001, released the CD "Voz de lua" (Yuki Imai, Yasuhiro Tai). 2008 CD "I Wish You Love" (Yuki Brasil Project) released 2012 high-quality sound DSD sound source "MEETS THE BEATLES" from OTOTOY site (Yuki Brasil Project) From 2013 OTOTOY site as well as DSD sound source "You and the night and Bossa Nova" (Iki Sanuki, Taihiro Tai) distribution start. 2017 Beat Brick Company "I Feel Fine-Tribute to the Beatles-" released Now available in Japan and in the United States on CD and itunes store. Presides on the Kyoto Bossa Nova Session (2010-). We are sending the tradition of Bossa Nova from Kyoto. Performed February 2016 in Brisbane, Australia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33xFu9SC9_0 TAI MUSIC WORKSHOP (President of the music class with Taihiro Tai) Kyoto Music Lab Piano Course Lecturer JEUGIA culture piano & Vocal course lecturer 2014-@Aichi Sangyo University : a seminar combining the history of jazz and performances 2019-invited professor at Aichi Sangyo University

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TAI MUSIC WORKSHOP President Awarded Excellence Award and Yokohama Citizen Award at the 2000 Yokosuka JAZZ PROMENADE CONPETITION. In 2001, announced "Voz de Lua", a DUO album with Yuki Imai (P & Vo). Appeared as an award unit for the 2004 Akarenga Summer Jazz in Maizuru. (YUKI BRSIL PROJECT) "I Wish You Love" (YUKI BRASIL PROJECT) announced in 2008 "MEETS THE BEATLES" 2012 (Distributed from Ototoy by DSD) (YUKI BRASIL PROJECT)In 2013, "You and the Night and Bossa Nova" (Yuki Imai, yasuhiro Tai) (distributed from Ototoy) Based in Kansai, we are active in workshops such as live concerts, recordings, and schools. We will hold a workshop-type Kyoto Bossanova Session with Imai and work to promote Bosa Nova. (Currently held 30 times) 2014~Aichi Sangyo University held a seminar combining the history of jazz and performances 2014 Workshop of Brazilian music and rhythm (Ritomos Brasileiro) at an elementary school in Shiga Prefecture Performed February 2016 in Brisbane, Australia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33xFu9SC9_0 The Beatles Tribute Band started since 2017 "Beat Brick Company" Managing Director Released The Beatles tribute album "I Feel Fine-Tribute to the Beatles-". Itunes Store: Available in Japan and in the United States as Google play music. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAefWW45c2x-0sFx0W4IcIA/featured Invited professor from Aichi Sangyo University from 2019 Fuji Jazz School (Kyoto) / Gekkodo Musical Instrument Store (Kyoto) Music Lab (Kyoto) / JEUGIA Culture (Shiga)/ Ichigo Ongaku Kyoshitsu(Kusatsu) each lecturer. Official HP TAI MUSIC WORKSHOP https://www.taimusicworkshop.com/ Artist HP http://taimusicworkshop.strikingly.com/ Beat Brick Company https://www.beatbrickcompany.com