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"aryy" , a Japanese singer / producer from Osaka, has released his second EP "alien".
He has gained public attention from his early career. after his self-release debut EP "Nostalgia King" in 2020, his music was spread among enthusiastic fans and also was chosen as the opener for the Japan tour of DYGL, a Japanese rock band popular both in Japan and abroad.

The second EP entitled "alien" which was made during 2021, is reflected of personal experience, which add a diary-like feel to the songs. All songs were written and produced in English as his previous debut EP.

The mood underlying these songs is his feeling of isolation. The isolation comes from his belonging to any kind of the communities of rock nor hip-hop, but his music is sublimated into unique style of pop music.

The artwork is made by asahina, a young graphic designer who has worked closely with his collective "HEAVEN".

As being a multi-talented artist who does everything himself, from sound making, singing to mastering, aryy will be known to various people across the world.



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clear water

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  • aryy

    aryy bio Lil Soft Tennis、ry0n4などを擁するヒップホップグループHEAVENのメンバー。2020年、コロナ禍に自宅のベッドルームにて音楽活動を開始し1st EP 『Nostalgia King』をリリース。ラッパー Lil Soft Tennisを客演に迎えた収録曲「Kyoto」が大きく反響を呼び、多数でのイベント出演に加え、ロックバンドDYGLのツアーにオープニングアクトとして参加するなど精力的に活動を行う。2022年2月には2nd EP 『alien』をリリースしたほか、HEAVENでは『AiR』『So Wet Boys』2作のミックステープに参加。全国のイベントやフェスに出演し、ユースを中心に支持を得ている。ルーツであるロックを基調にしつつ、ヒップホップやダンスミュージックなどを自在に組み合わせ独自の世界観を作り上げるaryyは、新世代のアーティストとして日本で最も注目すべきSSWの一人である。