white noise for baby sleep

  1. White Noise of Forest No.1
  2. White Noise of Forest No.2
  3. White Noise of Riverside No.1
  4. White Noise of Riverside No.2
  5. White Noise for Baby Nap
  6. White Noise of Coral
  7. White Noise of Night Forest
  8. White Noise for Baby Sleep
  9. Relaxing White Noise

Field recordings of pristine nature soundscapes, the white noise generated from them has a very rich natural vibes and comfortably wraps your baby mind and body.


SoundscapeDesignLab is a sound branding agency based in Tokyo, working worldwide. We build the branding strategy and sound consulting using the sound-scape (sound scenery) in the axis of the thought. Our work reaches to a wide range, such as spatial audio, environmental design, product sonification, planning and designing the company branding including logo sound, art installation, music producing for advertisements and promotion, SE and ME providing for shows and events. Unfortunately, beautiful sound-scape are blurring nowadays due to this modern lifestyle surrendered by many sounds. Our aim is to contribute to the society by positively designing and nourishing the unique sound-scape of region and clients.

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