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Refused to Calm days
Composed by : Midori Yamada and Ryoken Miyazaki
Lyrics : Midori Yamada
Arrangement : Midori Yamada
recording at SOUND CRUE
mix&mastering engineer : JACKY
produce : Midori Yamada

the hatch, an alternative band from Sapporo, Hokkaido, will be releasing the single "Calm Days" .

There is a different smell.
It is the pus of 2020 liters that should have struggled, but was swayed by the times, and made the bones and flesh rot. They sing about the reality that melts into ambiguity with maximum irony, and their love song is just broken.

Mahito the People

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  • the hatch

    A grotesquely mixed Sapporo alternative dance band with an excessive variety of rhythms that incorporate Latin, Afro, contemporary jazz, and current bass music. Their deconstructed ensembles and highly precise live performances with a strong sense of storytelling have attracted attention from various scenes. Their first album "OpaqueAge" was released on September 5 from <Jyusangetsu>, a label organized by GEZAN. The latest single, "Gentle Days," further enhances the multi-layered nature of the music and further develops their unique groove with a strong sense of intoxication. Translated with (free version)

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