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AJ UNITY are back, this time with one of Japan's best kept secrets, violinst Ryoma. Their haunting music is a unique blend of Japanese traditional music and Western pop music.
Traditional Japanese instruments complete this innovative and magical set piece. AJ Unity aim to think outside the box, to freely express important aspects of being human, such as strength and showing kindness towards others.

Naomi Suzuki is one of the best known Japanese singers in the UK, lending her unique oriental vocal talents to this special performance. Austrian newcomer Philipp Moll, Naomi's long term collaborator, is AJ UNITYs other half. The two met in Central London and hit it off right away when they first worked on Naomi's solo project. Now the two are back, to follow up their internationally acclaimed 2010 debut. Violinist Ryoma is a highly reputable and talented up-and-coming Japanese violinist, who joins forces with AJ UNITY for the first time. Original idea came from Ryoma's Band Called " Ryoma Quartet". For this release, AJ UNITY contracted Norwegian talent Håkon Holmås as producer.

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  • AJ Unity

    AJ unity is a haunting fusion of music between Japanese tradition and Western style. A beautiful atmospheric soundscapes developed by Phillip M. Moll and enhanced by the incredible vocals of Naomi Suzuki. Naomi Suzuki is one of the most well known Japanese singer in the UK, lending her unique oriental vocal talents to this special performance. Philipp M. Moll, a renowned bassist and producer who has toured worldwide He has managed to establish his name on the London music scene. AJ Unity say that their message is to think outside the box, to freely express important parts of being human such as strength, and showing kindness in your self. There is also a powerful spiritual component to AJ Unity's music and a desire to help and inspire people in need. Chief among their current goals is to use their music to spread the word about the needs and struggles of people all over the world by covid-19. AJ Unity, also received rave reviews and resulted in a No 14 spot in the FMQB US Official Radio Chart, whilst maintaining No 1 position on the tastemaker site kingsofspins.com for several weeks. While Naomi has also recently reached No12 in the UK Club Charts. A documentary film about her was broadcast on BBC TV and she has also worked with respected producers, Brian Rollins (Kylie Minogue ,Tina Turner,Cher) and Gota Yashiki (Simply Red) as well as numerous music personalities including James Taylor (JTQ).

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