des ailes

  1. encore
  2. Bunshin
  3. Inishie
  4. Kike kietakaze no neo (Form the stage"Somokukki")
  5. Kono koega kikoeru nara (From the stage"awano koi")
  6. Kimini tsugu
  7. Utsusemi
  8. I suru kokoro wo kiminoteni
  9. Hoshi no sunadokei
  10. Honomi yureba
  11. Shilushi
  12. Maholoba
  13. Inishie (unplugged Strings Ver)
  14. I suru kokoro wo kiminoteni (Unplugged Strings Ver)
  15. encore (Acoustic Guitar Ver)

Bluem of Youth Vocal Yuji Bessho solo new album "des ailes" released!
15 songs about four years on production. including stage theme song "listen, disappearing wind sound" and popular song "Initie".

Yuji Bessho

Yuji Bessho Singer song lighter & Acter Birth 1973.9.22 in HIROSHIMA Height 175.5cm Blood type O Hobby World Trip , Marathon , Speak Japanese , English , Korea , Russia 1995 ► Came to fame as a multi-talented lead singer of Bluem of Youth. ► Released the first single 'Last Hope' (EpicSony Record) on October 10, 1995. 1999 ► Starred in Nippon TV Documentrary, 'RAIHASYOUNEN' - Performed a 'Street Live Concert' on a Trans-Siberian Train and traveled Russia for 7 months. - The Purpose of this show was to attract and secure 10,000 fans to 'NIPPONBUDOKANN' at end of this journey. - On October 10, more than 50,000 fans came and supported Bleum of Youth and Bleum of Youth got a record deal with Sony Record. ► Sold more than 80,000 albums of 'Last Tour' ► Released 6 single albums, mini albums, and live concert DVDs. ► Performed numerous live concerts, and appeared on several TV programs as Bluem of Youth. ►Many Musical &Acting stage ►Many Live Tour in Japan

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