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The song "Pulsar" released in March 2013,
Remixed to an electronic dance tune as part of Yukiko Kubota's 20th anniversary project. The rearrangement was done by TsuruSwing, the same arranger as in 2013.
The original song is a classic rock style song, but it was actually written as the main song when it was released as a demo song, so it was reconstructed with a bold electro sound. The appeal of new songs has increased yet again.

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iTunes Store • Electronic TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 24 • 16 Dec 2023

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  • Yukiko Kubota

    Yukiko Kubota (JAPAN/Shizuoka) The base of activities is Tokyo 2021.08.26 The latest release of "High pressure part2 / I wish you were here". 2021.5.2 From the "Dark Night (Music Video" trilogy". 2003.11.21 CD debut with "Hachi no Musashi". Since January 2011, he has been active as a unit "SHEEPS" at the same time. When working in SHEEPS, she is named chyun.(*The unit name "SHEEPS" is a coined word) 2013.3.27 1st "High Purity" and CD with picture book "Kuishinbo no Utan" are released at the same time. 2018.11.1 Release of mini album "SUNRISE" commemorating the 15th anniversary of debut. Also active as a radio personality.

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