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AKiKA will release her first digital mini album "Time" on February 22.

AKiKA's first digital single "Even Now," released in the spring of 2022, debuted well, reaching No. 20 on the U.S. iTuneStore J-POP Top Songs.

She says she started writing the songs after deciding to make a mini-album, and without any particular concept in mind. "When I laid out the finished songs, I noticed that they had something in common. That was "Time," which became the title of the album." she says. "I think time is just one of the concepts, because it is not something you can hold in your hand. Since neither the past nor the future is in front of us, it is as if they do not exist. The only thing that exists is "now," this moment. I have been thinking about this a lot lately, which is probably why the element of "Time" is scattered throughout the songs." says her, explaining how she came up with the title of this album.

You can enjoy her gentle and rich sensibility through her songs with messages, or with depiction of hidden emotions. All lyrics and music written by her. She also shows her love of "WA"(*) by sneaking in sounds of traditional Japanese (WA) instruments in each song. You can also enjoy this piece by trying to find out where the sounds are. *WA means harmony, peace, and Japanese.

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