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After the rain

  1. After the rain

AMAZO NIGHT is the Dance & Vocal group who came from different dimension star call "CHIA"!
This song is the Love Ballad wrote by Shota ( the member of AMAZO NIGHT) which wrote for the girl friend "Mei" who lives in Chia.
During the rainy season, it is troublesome to go outside. . . then, try to listen this song and maybe reading a favorite book!?


AMAZO NIGHT is a dance vocal group which goes between two and three dimension back and forth. After landing in Japan, We started activities mainly in Tokyo. We release comics call "Story of AMAZO NIGHT", music, VR-movie, and a sell phone games. We do a dance & Vocal live, and the talk live by the application call 1/7 and mix channel all over the world. Let's enjoy our fantasy world ⚓︎

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