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  • Kanon Wakeshima

    Kanon Wakeshima has a myriad of titles to her name: Singer and songwriter, cellist, illustration artist, costume designer. She grew up immersed in classical music, first learning to play the cello when she was only three years old. She started writing lyrics and music soon after recognizing her inner passion for the expression of ideas and the power of music to speak out. She has also enthusiastically pursued her talents as an illustration artist, creating her own album artwork and contributing art for trading card games. Her multiple and varied talents have won over the hearts of admirers, male and female and from around the globe. She made her major label debut in 2008, and immediately her uniquely themed appearance gathered worldwide interest, resulting in invitations to perform at multiple global conventions in the US, Europe, and Asia. A tour of 10 cities in 7 European countries for the year 2011 was a huge success, and 2012 saw focus on her gigs within Japan and creating theme songs for TV animes and video games, putting her classical music training to good use. Her singles, "killy killy JOKER" in April and "world's end, girl's rondo," the opening theme for TV anime "selector" series in October 2014 served as a breakthrough to new and wider audiences and has enjoyed good record sales. 2015 marked the release of Kanon's long-awaited third album, "Tsukinami," a bold declaration of Kanon Wakeshima, the artist, in expression of her original music, lyrics, and visual image. She also released her New album " luminescence Q.E.D. " on 30th November 2016.

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