Memory Card

  1. Only Human
  2. NOW!
  3. Friendship
  4. Therapy
  5. FLY!
  8. Let me c
  9. So Special
  10. Memory Card

The greatest hits of the Japanese pop-rock band UNNATURAL. The album includes remastered songs released in the past.
For the present world that is hard to cope with COVID-19, and for various hardships that may occur in the future, we decided to donate all proceeds from this album through the Red Cross.

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Memory Card

iTunes Store • ロック トップアルバム • 日本 • 190位 • 2020年5月8日


"unnatural" is a Pop Rock band based in Tokyo,Japan.The band features Itsuka, a talented "singer-song-writer" , Mitsu, a skillful "Rhythm-Maker" and Yutaka "multi-guitar player" Itsuka and Mitsu grew up in the middle of busy Tokyo and Yutaka grew up in the beach town Odawara. Itsuka spent some time in other countries, got stimulated by various kinds of music and culture. Songs are written in Japanese and English, telling stories about Love & Life with a bit of cynical humor. They fuse different kinds of music styles such as Country,Blues,Rock into their own Pop style.

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