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ビバラッシュにとって記念すべき“10枚目”のシングル! リードを飾る「THANX」(サンクス)は、「シングルを10枚リリース出来たこと」の節目にファンへと贈る「ありがとう」を詰め込んだ楽曲だ。そして、ベル(G)の現役引退発表を受け、現メンバーでの最後のシングルともなる。ファンやメンバーの絆が織りなすハートフルな表情やバンドの生き様、そして“アゲみ集団”ぶりが炸裂するファニーさも堪能できる欲張りな作品となっている。

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    VIVARUSH is a band of entertainers who refer to themselves as the "Agemi group" (agemi means high tension/energy due to positive emotions) VIVARUSH is made of 5 members in total. Ruimaru on vocals, Belle and Yukimura on guitar, Toya on bass and last but not least, Pamy on drums. As the phrase "agemi group" implies, VIVARUSH is a band full of humor with a eye catching image, but also a band with a high level range of songs, varying from power pop songs, songs incorporating EDM elements, all the way to heavy rock. The sound provided by VIVARUSH will exceed expectations as the entertainment provided will lift the hearts of the listeners.

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