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The 5th single with a dark and ethnic atmosphere of "GEEK! GEEK! GEEK!", an electric pop music / art group from rural Japan, has taste different from the 4th single released last month.

Digital tracks are simpler than previous songs, and the expressiveness or vividness of instruments and vocals are emphasized.
Subdued guitar builds a feeling of tension throughout and the symbolic noisy synthesizer reminds listeners of a mysterious exotic landscape.

Hopeless lyrics make us flashback to the melancholic and picturesque nostalgia of our childhood, but leave room for free interpretation without giving too much "meaning". The main vocal Chikuge also sings straightforwardly and simply.

Artist Profile


    An art group focusing on music production by two "GEEK" professionals / doctor (chikuge) and space/event designer (Matsumiya Kazuto). Although based in a local city such as Tokushima and Kagawa, creates not only music production and performance activities, but also produces and disseminates cutting-edge works that combine music and visual expression and contemporary art theory.

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