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The theme of the ``FILM_SONG. Project'' that we participated in this time, ``We are still nobody'', overlapped with ourselves as fledgling artists. Thinking and facing "music" every day has become a daily routine, and I feel not only joy, fun, and reward, but also anguish.

With unfounded confidence and not knowing what the "right answer" is, he takes a gamble called a dream. The song expresses the "ambiguity" and "identity" that exist there.

The song title "i my..." contains the determination that "I live with ambiguous emotions every day, fumbling around in the environment, but that life is mine, and I am myself." I was.

I hope the song will be close to your choice.

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i my.../FILM_SONG.

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  • Shonen Shojo

    "Shonen Shojo" An R-POP Unit by Ryukyu Boy and Girl Ryukyu artists freely collaborate to bring you Ryukyu Chill Music (R.C.M.). This project sends out music from the southern islands that gently accompanies you, evoking a sense of nostalgia and comfort, and taking listeners back to the time when everyone was once a "Boy" or "Girl." [What is R-POP...] A coined term derived from a series of words describing the artistic activities of "Shonen Shojo" the "R" of Ryukyu, the "R" of Relaxation, the "R" of Relation, the "R" of R&B, the "R" of Rap, and the "R" of Reiwa, etc.

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