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This audio improves the sound quality of headphones and earphones in a short time and accurately.
If you have high-resolution headphones/earphones, the high-resolution version (DL only) is more effective. It covers ultra wide range (4Hz to 96kHz).

Burn-in is the process of breaking in equipment that has not been installed for a long period of time.
The sound is hard, bass is not produced, treble is piercing, and the impression is different from the sound heard at the store.
There are many reasons for this, but one reason may be that the potential is still dormant.
Just as clothes or shoes you just bought are stiff and uncomfortable, audio equipment with movable parts may show its true potential by "breaking in".
Even if the equipment has been installed for a long time, the volume and sound quality of the left and right sides may be balanced, and the original performance may be brought out.

*How to use and precautions
A test tone is played for 5 seconds at the beginning. Please set the volume at which this tone feels a little loud.
Continuously playing at a loud volume that distorts the sound may damage the equipment, so moderation is important.
Since stimulating high-frequency waves are also played, please remove the device from your ear when the set is complete.
*If your device stops playing when you remove it from your ear, you may be able to change the setting.
After about 2 times (20 minutes) of playback, check the sound with a song you are used to hearing.
If you do not feel any change, play it again.

*Audio contents and features
Format: 24bit/192kHz (Upper limit of playback is 96kHz due to Nyquist frequency)
Various waveforms, white noise, and pink noise, rising and falling from 4Hz to 96kHz (depending on the playback environment), sound simultaneously and one after another.
Only straight and beautiful waveforms are used to minimize aliasing noise.
Generally, burn-in is often done for several hours to dozens of hours.
However, this audio has a very efficient sound combination, so you can feel the change in a few dozen minutes in the earliest case.
We hope you will find it useful for a more enjoyable musical life and music production.

This audio is not intended for modification or repair of equipment.
Please use it only for testing and entertainment purposes.
We cannot guarantee its effectiveness on all devices.
We are not responsible for any damage or injury caused by the use of the audio.

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Headphone/earphone short time performance UP sound

Apple Music • Instrumental Top Songs • Hungary • TOP 4 • 16 Dec 2022 iTunes Store • Instrumental TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 18 • 7 Jan 2023

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