1. Kago no Tori
  2. Tsuki no Shizuku
  3. Sakura Yurari
  4. Sanokata no Hana
  5. Sunayama - Shionari no Shirabe -
  6. Tamayura no Mori



Formed in 2006 by two people who felt that by composing pieces of music with all their heart and playing them by themselves with all their heart, the sound would touch people's heartstrings.With the traditional Japanese musical instruments such as Koto and Shakuhachi, they express their feelings and wishes as people living in the present day.Their original pieces remind one of the beautiful scenery of their hometown, Niigata.In the melodies painted by the tones of Koto and Shakuhachi, one would find both nostalgia and freshness. Apres s'être aperçut qu'une forte émotion surgit en composant et en jouant leurs propres musique, les 2 forment un groupe en 2006. Par le Shakuhachi et Koto, instruments traditionnels japonais, ils expriment leurs pensées et souhaits.Des morceaux originaux qui font penser aux beaux paysages de Niigata.Nostalgie et nouveauté cohabitent dans la mélodie du Koto et Shakuhachi.

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