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In the midst of the corona, members Luca and Mokiko repeatedly talked about music online, and from the word "only I can take care of myself", I drank tea when the person in love was depressed. I incorporated the appearance of taking a step forward into the music.
The songs were recorded at home, the instruments were driven in, and the music video was shot and edited on the iPhone, all of which were carried out by members Luca and Mokiko.
A must-listen for making sounds using the sounds of real tea utensils and tea leaves and wrapping tea varieties.
When I want to take good care of myself, I hope that more people will take tea with this song and step forward with a small wish.

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  • Yuge

    A unit that sings Tea & Peace created by Mokiko, who loves tea, and Luca, a singer-songwriter and track maker

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