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Adieu Jean-Paul, Adieu Bebel !
Music & Vocal by Monsieur D and Eimy
Lyrics by Monsieur D

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Spotify • tuneTracks Weekly • 18 Sep 2021

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  • Grand Royal Tokyo

    Grand Royal Tokyo is an Electro-swing unit from Japan. Creatively blending retro-styles with modern technology their songs explore the themes of tension between past and future from a universal Gypsy Jazz. They sing and write in Japanese, French and English. GRT can be seen as a big palace hotel welcoming several perspectives of the music. As soon as you'll pass the front desk you will experience a unique time travel influenced by World, House Music, MGM Musicals era and Hip-hop influences. Eimy, Japanese vocal, songwriter. Monsieur D, French musician & artist.

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Grand Royal Tokyo