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80KIDZ remixed "Wild Child," a collaborated song with brb., a Singaporean three-piece R&B band and Japanese producer Shin Sakiura. The original version was released on August 24. 80KIDZ remixed that the groovy guitar rock sound by Shin Sakiura and the mouth-watering pop vocals by brb. to dance track reminiscent of 90's-00's French house.

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Wild Child

iTunes Store • Electronic TOP SONGS • Turkey • TOP 2 • 24 Oct 2022 iTunes Store • Electronic TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 17 • 16 Oct 2022 iTunes Store • Electronic TOP SONGS • Canada • TOP 72 • 17 Mar 2023 Apple Music • Electronic Top Songs • Bahrain • TOP 85 • 18 Jun 2023

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Wild Child

Apple Music • New in Electronic • 14 Oct 2022

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  • Shin Sakiura

    Shin Sakiura is a Tokyo-based music producer/guitarist. He started producing music under his own name in 2015, following his being active in various local bands. His first album "Mirror" was released in October 2017 from the record label PARK, which is also home to Japanese artists such as 80KIDZ and TAAR. His Alternative guitar-driven music, with bouncy beats inspired by Hip Hop and R&B, and moody Soul/Funk-based keyboards thrown in for good measure, has brought him much acclaim, including that of his being referred to as the Japanese equivalent of the artist FKJ. Upon releasing his debut album, he has also supported SIRUP, as their touring guitarist/manipulator in addition to his producing/arranging songs for SIRUP and also lulu + MIKENEKO HOMELESS, as well as his producing music for promotional videos for the Japanese Streetwear brand uniform experiment and Casio's brand of watches G-SHOCK.

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