1. Hot CoffeeIn Rain (feat. MujjO)
  2. Lead
  3. Sykes
  4. Final Fantasy
  5. Porco Rosso
  6. Chrono Cross
  7. Besaid Island
  8. midzuhanome
  9. Days that do not return
  10. Sphere
  11. The other side
  12. Zanarkand
  13. A dream to wake up someday
  14. Thank You

-skollbeats-1st Album "Zanarkand"
This album, which is composed of the first album "Zanarkand" lo-fi sound by Skollbeats, which has changed its name and relaunched as a beat maker, is the starting point of travel and the end of the journey for Skollbeats. Zanarkand
The album that took the first step.
The first chapter of Squall Beats begins now.


Born in 1990. I started break dancing at the age of 17. DJ SKOLL from the age of 21 Started as a club DJ and BACK DJ (LIVE DJ) of various artists in earnest under Kyushu(Japan). Changed the name to -skollbeats- from April 2019 and started working as a beat maker. Currently working as a member of HipHop Crew "Enigmatic Laboratory" at beat makers, LIVE DJ, and others.

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