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About 4 years ago when LIL'J went to France
Music inspired by Europe
PARTY TUNE with TALKBOX fully open with 80's SOUND as a motif
In 2023, the world is about to change with the advent of AI.
This song is also called AI in English or Ai in Japanese.
The songs that convey LIL'J's love for music will transport you to the universe.
I'll invite you to the other side

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  • LIL'J

    LIL`J, the creator of strong and sturdy Hokkaido FUNK, rushes through the blizzard. 2006 North Coast Badboyz / THE MISSON Harvest Night / Starting with Produce at D.E.A.R. He has written songs for numerous RAP artists including AK-69, HOKT, DS-455, and theBOSS. He is also extremely popular as a SAX and TALK BOX PLAYER, and has released cover songs and DANCE MUSIC. It spread even overseas. 2010 Released Produce Album LIL`J / FUNXTA. He performed with Skoop on Somebody, went on a LIVE expedition to FRANCE, and appeared at the AK-69 THE ANTHEM Nippon Budokan performance. "Evolving music" embraces many genres and grooves, and sometimes releases explosive HIT to the world. He learned many sounds and grooves from his childhood as a dancer, DJ, and band SAX player. The focus on deep sounds is minor. Sad melody, HIP HOP, FUNK, ELECTORO, R&R, "Hikidashi" has a wide range of worlds, from R&B to TRAP SOUND. LIL`J pours his soul into "music," which is essential in people's lives. That bold and bold brilliance will never change. It will make Japan and the world stronger and stronger, inviting them to the next stage.

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