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This is the third single of the unique unit "Akissun" in the Kansai underground. It includes popular lead song "VOICE" with gentle lyrics and pop melody, message song "So-Ra-Ma-Me" that dynamically sings courage with 90's style dance beat, gentle and sad ballad "To say goodbye", comical tango "Chanko de Tango" and a remastered version of the live classic "Sunday". Produced by Showky Saezawa.

Artist Profile

  • Akissun

    Have you been laughing lately? First of all, let's laugh and have fun. Everyday things that I thought were mundane and nothing are giving me so much energy. If you listen to Akissun, your heart will be sunny tomorrow. A duo of Massun (Vo, G) and Aki (Vo). Comical lyrics are put on British-style songs, and a powerful performance that puts comedians to shame. Surprisingly delicate and heartful ballads are also popular.

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