Think!Think! Original Soundtrack Vol.2

  1. Space Theme
  2. Stardust Rain
  3. Secret Mission
  4. Festival Overture
  5. The Odd World
  6. Journey to the Top
  7. A Stroll in the Clouds
  8. Wormhole
  9. The Mystery Planet's Waltz
  10. Decisive Battle
  11. Space Theme (Zero Gravity Version)
  12. To Our Planet!

The second soundtrack of "Think!Think!". All songs are written by Fumihisa Tanaka.

Fumihisa Tanaka

Composer / Sonification artist / Sound programmer Master of Music, Graduate School of Tokyo University of the Arts Compose music with various technology related to music. Recently pursue new style of music using 'sonification', a technology to convert anything into sound. Music: "GYRE 3rd anniversary" "Sky planetarium" CDs: "Sound of Molecule" Apps: educational app "Think!Think!"(nominated as finalist of Google Play Awards 2017) Cinemas: "土瀝青 asphalt" "Atmosphere" TV Programs: NHK Etelevision "Heartnet TV -TV to be alive / in the evening of August 31th"(awarded in PRIX ITALIA 2018)

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