Gekidan Prince

  1. stage greeting
  2. Curtain Call
  3. Pace Maker
  4. Sarukani
  5. Happy Spring
  6. Curtain Call (instrumental)
  7. Pace Maker (instrumental)
  8. Sarukani (instrumental)
  9. Happy Spring (instrumental)
  10. Milk Dipper -Repesen from Gekidan Prince- (Short ver.)

Love ADV 'Gekidan Prince' 1st Mini Album.
It contains 10 songs in total including bonus track "stage greeting", rap music "Milk Dipper", OP, inserted song, play song, full version of ED and each inston.

by Ukon Hatori (CV:Stungun), Keisuke Inaba (CV:Shakemii), Yukito Morisaki (CV:Risru), Sagami Sturm und Drang Junji (CV:Glutamine), Riku Tsukamoto (CV:Silvana) & Ryo Shinyashiki (CV:Kancell)

Gekidan Prince

new AVG "Gekidan Prince" A cast of over 40 influencers, including singers and game players, took up about 3000 voices! We can not stop, the shining meteor shower Now, the beginning of the stage -

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