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One year and four months after the previous work ...

Minami Tsutomu, the long-awaited New Single will be released.

2022.4.9 ON SALE
Digital Single "1 pint gift" release decision

This song was produced by Minami Tsutomu as the theme song for the beer company "Bloomin" in Himi City, Toyama Prefecture.

First in the craft beer industry! ??
Beer song is born here! !!

It's a song that is close to everything from celebrations to casual everyday life.

Wednesday, April 9, 2022 Release
"1 pint gift"

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  • Minami Tsutomu

    MinamiTsutomu Wakayama Prefecture of singer-songwriter. 1st single "Nothing sight" nationwide release on November 9, 2012. On November 18, 2012 was held in Wakayama Prefecture Nachikatsura is appointed in the opening act of "Masashi Sada concert". The March 22, 2014 held a revival charity concert of the Kii Peninsula flood in Wakayama Prefecture Nachikatsuura. (Visitors number 1031 people, donated 504,976 yen donation to nachikatsuura) work now of "Dreamer" is produced as a wrestling cheer song. Of the current Waseda University wrestling section head coach Takuya Ota has lyrics their own wrestling life in Atlanta Olympic wrestling medalist, MinamiTsutomu was in charge of the composer. Two men both met in the summer of 2014 was born in Wakayama Prefecture, MinamiTsutomu has worked on the production of live-like in impressed work now of Takuya Ota. In MinamiTsutomu live to other "Dreamer" was produced to wish the popular song "soap bubble" and reconstruction of happened Kii Peninsula flood in local Wakayama Prefecture, from children to adults in the classic "Let's bloom their flowers." and recorded.

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