1. ADIS

Tokyo representative V-type mix band Screech in2 the Rain. Has been released as a completely new work [ADIS]
V series A monster band, which is a threat to the music world in addition to the neighborhood of the mix, finally begins to move ...!
The first music video for Screech on YouTube is now on sale!

Screech in2 the Rain.

Tokyo representative V mix band consisting of Vo. Taka, Gt Akira, and Ba. Hikaru. In the name of C.Karter, Vo. Taka's rap and his own emotional and human mind and the explosive sound and performance of supporting fire shoots the live house, and he is sure to live. Enchanted with. The screech in 2019 will be the only V-line appearance at a festival in Osaka planned by the Japanese monument "UZMK", appear in "Nagoste" in Nagoya in October, Participating in the MIP, a young mix band crew from Live House Shibuya THE GAME, and holding hosted events involving various genres such as V series, mixture, hip hop, etc. Beyond the barrier, he has always challenged himself and is now a band that cannot be cut off from a live house. Lyric video "Screeture", released in March 2019, will soon attract attention from various directions and inform the world of the name of Screech. Keep an eye on the activities of Screech in2 the Rain.

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