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"cat biscuit", a 16-year-old singer/songwriter/trackmaker of genreless and outsider music, newly affiliated with Sasakrect, has completed his new EP 'WHITE' after 2 months of work since his last release.
The song "miss" from the EP will be released on June 28(Wed) as the first track.
The new song has a lo-fi, nostalgic sound and lyrically expresses introspective feelings such as anxiety, impatience, and loneliness in a peculiar mosaic voice.
The song is a cross between melancholy and sadness, and is not confined by rhythms or patterns, but succeeds in creating a song full of originality, including bold track changes in the middle of the song.
"cat biscuit" has freely used its talents to produce songs by Yuka Nagase, and has also worked on music for plays, forging its own path without staying in a specific area.

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