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Tokyo-based yahyel has taken a single from its latest album, "Love," and released it in advance.
The singles "Highway" (November 2022) and "ID" (December 2022) were released in rapid succession, foreshadowing yahyel's latest album.
The album title, "Loves & Cults," has already been revealed, drawing attention to a five-year process of introspection on the subject of the similarities between love and fanaticism.

The song "Love" draws a conclusion to the album's musical narrative.
What begins as a beautiful ballad with a lulling piano builds dynamically with mechanical chorus work, 909 machine drums, and a thick, elastic sub-bass.
It is an anthemic tune for the year 2023, presenting a new organic form of the band's sound, while giving a sense of cold and intense conventional yahyel-like catastrophe.

I know I don't care about It like I used to say as a form of redemption

Whether a person's attachment to any event in life comes from love or fanaticism is only a subjective feeling generated by an imperfect ego, and is very fragile in the relativity of society.
The theme of "Love" is similar to the one that yahyel concluded in their previous work "Human," but the perspective of "Love" comes from an individual within society. That's what this song makes a beautiful and honest plea connecting to the reality of life.
In the midst of social polarization, where both sides of the argument are dismissed as fake news, the enemy is given the impression of a cult-like existence, and one's own people are incited in the name of love, the song "Love" casts a dim light on the bruises we all indulged in the post-2020 world.

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