Dream of Autumn

  1. Dream of Autumn

HISASHI's 3rd single, "Dream of Autumn", is the solo for Japanese koto. It was made based on the image of the comfortable and beautiful dream in autumn as you slumber. HISASHI made it much easier to listen to, even for listeners who are not used to traditional music, by eliminate the many classical elements from it.


HISASHI is a Japnese drummer, koto-player, pianist and composer. HISASHI has benn familiar with Japanese traditional music since he was born influenced from his mother, who is a koto-teacher. Also HISASHI started playing the piano when he was six years old. HISASHI got interested in rock and heavy metal music when he was in junior high school and started playing the drums in a band. Now HISASHI is active as a solo artist (three-way musician). HISASHI is trying to mix different types of music such as classical, Japanese traditional, and rock/metal music, and create unique music no one hadn't listen to ever.

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