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  • konore

    konore is an artist from Tokyo, Japan. With a pretty voice, she creates songs that combine melancholy and humor with lyrics and bold melodies. She writes lyrics/composes/arranges/plays guitar/programming/sings/produces videos all by herself. Started her music career as Vo&Gt of a 3 piece band, became the frontman of a multi-generational band Controversial Spark organized by Keiichi Suzuki. Performed at Fuji Rock Festival, World Happiness and other big festivals, started her own solo career. She guest sang the game theme song [Hunger and Orb], globally popular song, and her YouTube-related videos have received over 1 million views in total. Also active in collaborations. [chinese butter] with Ohzora Kimishima on guitar, [stand by me] co-arranged with Amane Uyama, [until i die] MV with YoHey, the producer of [Milky Highway] whose related video has been viewed over 5 million times, [Shinsekai(New world)] MV with Uguisu Kobo, the producer of the game theme song animation mentioned above, and others. She has been creating works with up-and-coming artists whom she respects.

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