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A true love that you can't get no matter how hard you chase it.
Sad but strong, weak me.
I'm sure everyone has such experiences and painful memories.

"A bandage that won't let you in" is,
I'm sure it's "giving up" and "a little hope" that doesn't lead to "determination."

Is it "you" or "me" who is "entering"?
It's an eclectic love song between seriousness and ennui.

The song arrangement for this work is TOSHIKI HAYASHI (%C), who is a DJ/BEAT MAKER/music producer and is also known for providing songs to iri, SKRYU, chelmico, etc.

Please enjoy the chill beat that brings out the worldview of the song.

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  • Shonen Shojo

    "Shonen Shojo" An R-POP Unit by Ryukyu Boy and Girl Ryukyu artists freely collaborate to bring you Ryukyu Chill Music (R.C.M.). This project sends out music from the southern islands that gently accompanies you, evoking a sense of nostalgia and comfort, and taking listeners back to the time when everyone was once a "Boy" or "Girl." [What is R-POP...] A coined term derived from a series of words describing the artistic activities of "Shonen Shojo" the "R" of Ryukyu, the "R" of Relaxation, the "R" of Relation, the "R" of R&B, the "R" of Rap, and the "R" of Reiwa, etc.

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    Shonen Shojoの他のリリース

    TOSHIKI HAYASHI(%C) is a DJ/BEAT MAKER and music producer based in Tokyo. Based on HIPHOP, he produces songs in various genres such as City Pop and R&B. In 2019, she released TIME IS OVER EP featuring BASI and Mamiko Suzuki from Manhattan Records, which ranked first on the iTunes HIPHOP chart. He has provided a lot of high-quality music, both major and indie, such as providing songs to iri, SKRYU, and chelmico, and working on remixes for Chinatsu Matsumoto and CBS. He also works as a support LIVE DJ for the rap duo chelmico, performing live all over the country.

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