U-tan on the moon likes sweets Front Cover


Rabbit Utan Theme

Yukiko Kubota


作詞・作曲 窪田友紀子

やっと起きたね うたた寝 うーたん

寝ぼけまなこが かけてくる

お腹ならせば はじまる歌


チョコレート キャンディー

シェイク ポテチも あぁ…



さてと、うーたん タンバリンでウーッ・タン!

うさぎブギウギ チャールストン

さてと そろそろリズムはOK?


アイスクリーム プリン・ア・ラ・モード

ちゃんと食べなきゃ 歌も歌えないし

あぁ~ とろけるような 月はお団子

月は踊るよ 夢は続くよ

  • Lyricist

    Yukiko Kubota

  • Composer

    Yukiko Kubota

U-tan on the moon likes sweets Front Cover

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    Rabbit Utan Theme

    Yukiko Kubota

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    Frog canta theme

    Yukiko Kubota

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    Panda Rabbit Kumakichi Theme

    Yukiko Kubota

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    Theme of Dr. Owl Glasses

    Yukiko Kubota

Yukiko Kubota released as a CD with a picture book
[Kuishinbo no Utan]
(U-tan on the moon likes sweets)
Lyrics, composition, drawing: Yukiko Kubota
<Songs are recorded for each character in the story>

1. Rabbit Utan Theme
2. Frog canta theme
3. Panda Rabbit Kumakichi Theme
4. Theme of Dr. Owl Glasses
Lyrics and arrangement: Yukiko Kubota, programming: Toshiyuki Tsuruha

The story of a rabbit u-tan that the moon dumplings want to eat (comical fantasy)

Artist Profile

  • Yukiko Kubota

    Yukiko Kubota (JAPAN/Shizuoka) The base of activities is Tokyo 2021.08.26 The latest release of "High pressure part2 / I wish you were here". 2021.5.2 From the "Dark Night (Music Video" trilogy". 2003.11.21 CD debut with "Hachi no Musashi". Since January 2011, he has been active as a unit "SHEEPS" at the same time. When working in SHEEPS, she is named chyun.(*The unit name "SHEEPS" is a coined word) 2013.3.27 1st "High Purity" and CD with picture book "Kuishinbo no Utan" are released at the same time. 2018.11.1 Release of mini album "SUNRISE" commemorating the 15th anniversary of debut. Also active as a radio personality.

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