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This is HAPPY's first release of 2024.
Following last year's release of "Sundowner" and "Pineal Wave," this time around, the band is back with another full-fledged world view.
The world music approach with percussion and synthesizers and chorus work reminiscent of a chant resonate throughout.
This is music from a world unlike any you have heard before, typical of HAPPY. However, there is also a sense of nostalgia in this song.

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    A psychedelic band from Ayabe, Kyoto, based in Tokyo since 2012, consisting of Alec (gt/vo), Ric (key/vo), Chew (gt), Syu (ba), and Bob (dr/vo). The band is mainly a 6-piece formation with orihasamado (sax/conga) for live performances. They have already played many unreleased new songs and jam sessions, and performed a 7-piece experimental live set with Jesus Weekend at events organized by [Paint Groove], an art team that they are involved with. They also participated in the soundtrack of the surf trip movie [Crossing Brides], and played a surprise live performance at a rave, held a 3-hour long jam session until sunrise. They are active in a wide range of musical experiments and explorations.

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