On the threshold of laughter and tears

  1. Haagen-Dazs and Rock 'n' roll
  2. Doko.Nani
  3. Minnani
  4. Atarimae-no-koto
  5. Nakase-Mushi

The debut indie album by Japanese singer-songwriter Mikono.
This is her second album,though her first album after changing her name.
"Haagen-Dazs and Rock 'n' roll" with a melody that will get stuck in your head, "Nakase-Mushi" a heart-melting song beautifully expressing the warm and tender feelings of a girl in love, and three other tracks are recorded.


Mikono (born in 1999, Tokyo) is a Japanese singer/songwriter. Her bright and powerful singing voice, surprising for her small body, astonishes the audience. She is also highly praised for writing narrative songs about her personal life, perceived from her unique perspective, sincerely in her own words.

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