1. JU-SO

Composer, Kenji Arai will send EDM 2nd bullet.
A song featuring the theme of the Deep Spot "JU-SO" in Osaka, Japan! !
I expressed the image I felt from JU-SO with "Big Room House".
Please listen to this song and go to play with JU-SO!

Kenji Arai

ーthe representative "Studio Hemuri", a label located in Osaka, Japan. He is also a composer, track maker and record producer. He started his career as pro in 2002. Since then, he has created many tracks. You may hear some of his works when playing games which is the series of "Dragon Ball" or "ONE PIECE", the famous Japanese comics. Moreover he has created tracks for major artists, TV animations, games, commercials, and so on. All the sales of the works he has involved in sum up to more than 5 millions. Actually he is good at airy popular music, but he began to make electro-dance music from 2018, a new genre for him. And this is a new try over his previous genre, pops. In this field, his experience is put to good account that he had worked as music-engineer. So the gorgeous sound is one of remarkable point in his dance music. Also, his deep specialty in pops generates rich groovy sound in dance music, too. The grooveー one of the things that counts in music, he thinks. You may feel the effort and the sense when listen to them. When you mention him, the unique sense is unforgettable point about him. One of his tracks is named a downtown in Osakaー "JUSO". And in "WILD CAT", he uses the sample sound of his cat's screaming. You will be interested in his rare sense. Kenji Arai, a multi- talented composer must move more and more people all over the world in the future.

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