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The band "island etc." led by sound creator:Tatsuki Kamiya has finally released the album "A short trip"!
"island etc." is the ultimate pop band pursuing good music, formed by young talented musicians who were inspired by Junk Fujiyama's support.
The sound is pop, yet has a melancholy feel to it, and the transparent sensibility of the world of naive poetry that captures the mental landscape of youth shines through.
The twin vocals of Tatsuki Kamiya and biki are combined with the groove-filled rhythm of Shu Maino and Yuri Kawata, and the eternally shining melody flies towards the listener forever.
Tatsuki Kamiya composed all the songs, and it is a masterpiece that is packed with all the essence of pop music.
island etc.: Tatsuki Kamiya (vocal, guitar), biki (vocal, keyboards), Shu Maino (bass), Yuri Kawata (drums)

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  • island etc.

    Sound creator:Tatsuki Kamiya has produced the sound for all recent works by Junk Fujiyama, a leading figure in the current city pop scene, and composed and arranged the city pop tune <Aftertaste of Love> (No. 34 on the Oricon chart) for idol Yufu Terashima. He leads the ultimate pop band <island etc.> pursuing good music. island etc.: Tatsuki Kamiya (vocal, guitar), biki (vocal, keyboards), shu Maino (bass), Yuri Kawata (drums)

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