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The new album 'MOONLESS' was produced around 2 years after her previous album 'bambina'.
The nine songs recorded on this album are based on the theme of 'the separation of the body and soul'.
"Rain on your hair" was made by sampling the sounds of things you hear at home, such as scissors or books.
"Koku Koku" is a song filled with ambition that is recorded with the performance of stringed instruments.
In addition, this is the first album including features from guest vocalists HALLCA, the former leader of Especia and Joe Barry, a resident of Northern Ireland.
Ken Akamatsu is in charge of producing the sound of all the songs and has completely changed the image that they have had with so far with a new juicy sound.

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  • kiarayui

    kiarayui, an artist who makes pop music her own. Starting with the release of her first album "MOONLESS" in August 2019, she's been constantly putting out new songs, as well as collaborating with musicians both in Japan and abroad and actively expanding her range of activities. Her distinctive breathy voice has gained the attention of many and has been used in multiple commercials. She also composes music and writes lyrics for other artists and idols.

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