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Nobara - You Man Remix


Maika Loubté & You Man

Nobara - You Man Remix

  1. Nobara - You Man Remix

Having appeared in globally acknowledged playlists on Spotify, Nobara enjoyed a visible success in and out of Japan. Nobara - You Man Remix made by You Man, a french electronic duo known as a remixer of Charlotte Gainsbourg and known for their rave anthem "Birdcage", proved that Nobara is compatible with club music, for it is a collaboration of the two artists with different musical styles. The remix largely features Maika's vocals, by which listeners can find new aspects of the original one along with elements that were put by You Man.

Maika Loubté

Raised in Paris, Hong Kong and now residing in Tokyo, Maika Loubté is consistently exploring an amalgam of novel and nostalgic music styles. Connecting numerous dots of sound, she creates original yet subconsciously familiar melodies listeners have emotional connection with.As a multicultural songwriter, producer and singer, Maika takes in global influences as she experiments and creates using a number of vintage analog synthesizers in her home studio in Tokyo. Live, she captivates fans with her unique vocals whist triggering a plethora of electronic instruments, in the moment.

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