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This song reminds me of the words my grandmother used to tell me when I was crying because things didn't go my way when things were difficult or unreasonable, "If you just wait patiently through winter, spring will definitely come." Even now, I have been supported by
I was in the same dark place when I heard those words.
I made this song because I wanted to be able to reach out to as many people as possible who are struggling to get out of trouble and find support through my songs as a healing singer.

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  • mamii

    Born November 12, 1991 in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. When she was in junior high school, she sang solo in a chorus contest. After more than 10 years of lessons, she decided to become a singer who can bring healing to people and make them smile, so she volunteered to sing mainly classical and Japanese songs at facilities and hospitals. Later, she also worked as a singing instructor for men and women of all ages. While she was unable to freely perform music due to the Corona disaster, she decided that she wanted to "sing to give hope to a tired world, even if only a little. In February 2021, she became an official SHOWROOM member. She sings all genres of music, from classical and musical to anime songs, and won the grand prix at a SHOWROOM event, singing the official theme song for the DAIBUTSUMAN CUP triathlon. "From Popular Liver to Artist!" Masanobu Suezaki" produced the complete production! The song "Little Star Song" will be released on October, 2022 as the grand prix song of the second audition for the next generation held on the live-streaming platform SHOWROOM. Also at an event held at SHOWROOM It won first place and was featured in the movie "Don't Stop the Camera!" The music will be provided by Kyle Nagai, who is in charge of the music for the movie, and has also provided multiple songs for commercials for major companies such as Shiseido and Morinaga & Co. "Tender Thawing" will be released on November 12, 2023.

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